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Car with missing wheel stopped on Lancashire motorway

Read more at:
Car with missing wheel stopped on Lancashire motorway

Read more at:
Car with missing wheel stopped on Lancashire motorway

Read more at:
Car with missing wheel stopped on Lancashire motorway
Gemma Douglas and Paul Barnes,Read more at:
Car with missing wheel stopped on Lancashire motorw

Couples Date At Exclusive Restaurant Ruined

Gemma Douglas and Paul Barnes, from Fishwick in Preston has been looking forward to their romantic dinner at The San Marco Restaurant in Much Hoole,  Paul booked the table weeks in advance and Gemma bought a new dress for the occasion and talked endlessly about her dream date with Paul. They arrived at the restaurant and had a great time. The Social Media Savvy pair had initially remembered to ‘check in’ on Facebook on their arrival at the restaurant. However the food and atmosphere was so good the couple spent all night talking and laughing. Horror struck when the Gemma realised  they forgot to take  the obligatory, but all important, photo of their dinner to post on Facebook.  Friends at home who were concerned about Gemma’s lack of social media updates began to message her with things such as ‘u ok hun’ and ‘everything alright babe’ which Gemma said just made it worse, ‘I know they were trying to help but it made it clear everyone had noticed’  Restaurant manager  Mr Oliver Parkinson said " I noticed they were upset so I brought them a free bottle of wine and took a photo for them to post on facebook". Gemma said "we had such a great night, but the whole point of going somewhere posh is to take selfies and make your friends jealous"

A car was being driven on M55 with one of its wheels missing

Traffic police have said. Lancashire Road Police officers posted images of the offending vehicle online on Sunday, stating the driver "was unaware" of the problem. The motorist A 32 year old from Eccleston, said he had the radio on and was unaware of any problems, he was tested for drugs at the scene but the tests were clear, PC Doncelly said "the driver tested negative for drugs and alcohol, so the guy is just a F***ing idiot". Officers added they were tipped off by a concerned member of the public after they spotted the car devoid of an entire wheel


A Preston Man Spent A Painstaking Week long Search On Now Says He Is Irish.

Terry Dolan of Trafford St, is gearing up for a monumental St Patrick’s Day Weekend. The 34 year old, who had previously told his girlfriend he ‘definitely wasn’t going out this weekend’, hasn’t ever set foot in Ireland but has two U2 albums. However since the life changing discovery the Subway butty maker has been given the green light for a weekend on town as to not let down his fellow countrymen. Mr Dolan plans to spend St Patrick's Day pretending to know the words to ‘Irish Rover’ and drinking Guinness in Shenanigan's Friargate. ‘I can’t wait’ he smiled. ‘As soon as I found out I was Irish I couldn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate my heritage. I’m going full out, I’m getting my face painted, I’m borrowing my mate Paul’s Guinness hat and I have got one of those orange beards on order, Its going to be great craic!’ When asked if he had any plans to go a meet his newly acquired relative he replied ‘Yes, I am already sorting plans to go back to the mother land. It’s a long old drive but she tells me Barrow is lovely at this time of the year’.


McDonalds Will Stop Serving Overweight Customers In 2018


Obesity in The UK has more than doubled over the last 20 years and has become the leading public health issue in the UK. with more than 2/3 of the adult population overweight, McDonald’s has decided to become part of the solution – not the problem.According to reports, beginning May 9, 2018, McDonald’s will no longer serve customers with a weight capacity over 180 lbs for women and 230 lbs for men. Children’s weight restrictions will vary depending on age and height. They will have scales at every register to weigh all customers. You must stand on them when ordering or you will not be served. They also plan on posting signs to let customers know that they have the legal “Right to refuse service to anyone. ”For drive-thru patrons it may be a bit more difficult to enforce. However, if the person looks like they exceed the weight restrictions, they will be refused service at the drive-thru window.



Lancashire's pothole roads are worse than ever as people tell of broken bones and wrecked cars

It never rains but it pours for highways chiefs in Lancashire. Despite spending £7.7m last year on filling in potholes - and promising an extra £5m in next year’s budget - County Hall appears to be fighting a losing battle over the state of our roads. Today LCC announced a new £8m contract with Unibond to repair all potholes by the end on the month

Angry Dwarf Tasered

Angry dwarf who was tasered by cops over 'Dalek voice' death threats is jailed for nine months
A DWARF who threatened to kill a carer at his sheltered home while pretending to be a Dalek has been jailed
Jonny Fishwick stuck a suction dart on his head and filled his mouth with ­dominoes and shouted: “Exterminate, exterminate.”
The 55-year-old then yelled: “I’m going to kill you, Kim
He later barricaded himself in his flat and was tasered by police after a stand-off.
Fishwick's threat came during a campaign of public abuse last year in which he fouled the floor of a council office because workers had mounted his kitchen worktop too high.
The 4ft nuisance, of Larches Preston, also threatened a woman on a bus with a knife when he thought her child was making fun of him, the boy had asked his mum why the guy from Game Of Thrones was so smelly.



Man Kills Transgender says Drinking Gin Turned Him Gay

Jackson Down was arrested and charged with murder after he choked Tranny Kelly Moore to death with his barehands.
He plans to file a lawsuit against Gordons Gin because he says it altered his judgment, he feels had he been sober he would have know that Kelly Moore was a man.
Jackson said "I met her on Tinder and we met up in The Withy Trees Pub, she never said she was a he. We started off smoking and then she gave me some gin and I like mines straight. After the bottle was finished I started feeling funny and the man bitch got on me, Man that wouldn't happen if I had had a bottle of JD"

New “Child Support Card” CONTROLS What Mothers Can Buy With benefits Money

LCC are introducing a new Payment card . This measure was taken to prevent parents from misusing funds that are meant to help with costs associated with raising children, such as school related expenses, food, etc.

This card will not allow the parent to purchase alcohol, cigarettes, bingo or tattoos.
We spoke to Misha Pinkerton who was upset after she couldn’t purchase a bottle of Gin at her local Bargain Boozze. she says “Its’ unfair its my money I should be able t do what i want with it how will I pay for my new nails ?”

If the program goes as planned the goverment might extend it nationwide making it the universal way to control what parents do with their benefits money.


7-year old girl receives breast implants for Birthday

    Candice Ogden Foster A school girl At St Anthony's Primary School received a very special present from her mother for her birthday: a trip to China to undergo a breast augmentation surgery.

The 7-year old From Fulwood had been asking her parents constantly for the last two years, insisting she needed breast implants and begging for a surgery.

Her mother, Belinda, says she tried to convince Candice that her breasts would grow with time, but her daughter was “completely obsessed” with the idea of getting breast implants.
Following a psychiatrist’s advice, Ms Ogden Foster contacted dozens on clinics in the United States and Mexico, but none of them were willing to perform a breast augmentation surgery on such a young girl.

She finally found a clinic in the city of Hangzhou in China, where doctors carried out the operation.
Many people are denouncing the parents for allowing their daughter to undergo plastic surgery at such a young age, while others are blaming her psychiatrist for his recommendation.

Despite the critics, Belinda Ogden Foster says she did “what was best for her daughter” and insists that she has no regrets.
What is your opinion ?

Members of Midget Crime Gang Suspected of over 400 Break-ins & 6 Murders

Three members of the so-called Kingsfold mob midgets, a Preston based criminal organization composed of people of short stature, have been arrested this morning reports Lancashire Police
Security camera footage show the three suspects during a home break-in in which the intruders entered the house through the pet door.
According to Lancs Police, the perpetrators crawled through pet doors, chimneys and small open windows to burgle many homes in the area
D.C Jeffries said several high-profile members of the organization have been arrested in the past years on charges of drug-trafficking, arson and aggravated assault, we will be making more arrests as our investigations continue

Woman expelled from Preston Restaurant for breastfeeding her dog in public

Although the manager says she was expelled because the Restaurant has a no animal policy, Jean Bellenger 66, claims the restaurant manager specifically expelled her because she was breastfeeding in public, a legal right in the UK explained her lawyer, John O’Keefe.
“The law clearly specifies that a mother shall be entitled to breast feed in any location of a place of public accommodation, resort or amusement wherein the mother is otherwise permitted,” he told reporters.
“Whether she is breastfeeding her 8-month-old son, a horse or a chimpanzee is irrelevant,” he added.
Although Miss Albright says she covered herself and sat far away from other customers, owner Pikunni Takanina claims many of his customers have complained and were indisposed by the scene.

“One old lady passed out and had to leave in an ambulance,” said one eyewitness to reporters.

“When I realized it wasn’t a baby but a puppy that was sucking on her tits, I started puking all over myself,” explained another customer.

 Shock Report Reveals That Most Middle Aged Cyclists Are Closet Homosexuals

It’s a conundrum that has puzzled both experts and laymen for years – why do seemingly normal middle aged men spend a large part of their free time dressed in tight Lycra while staring at other men’s bottoms? Well now a new study has revealed the answer – they are mainly closet homosexuals.

The study authors from The University Of Central Lancashire, sent out a confidential survey to over 1,000 cyclists in the Preston area – middle aged men in Lycra – asking a series of probing questions about their taste in clothes, music, theatre and film. “The data we got back was clear cut”, said Professor Keith Lee who headed up the study, “The number of fans of musical theatre, Kylie Minogue, Shirley Bassey, Liza Minnelli, Abba and Bet Lynch off Coronation Street was striking. Skinny jeans ownership was also off the scale. If these aren’t clear signs of batting for the other side, I don’t know what are.”

One cyclist from Walton Le Dale who asked not to be named said “I’m admitting to nothing, but where else would you get the chance to wear skin tight luminous Lycra shorts with a padded crotch, and cop an eyeful of muscular flexing buttock around the Guild Wheel without anyone thinking anything of it? And even being at the front of the pack and getting chased is quite a thrill. Everyone knows the score but when we stop for coffee, we talk about beer,cars tits and other manly stuff. It’s a game.”

We drove to Eccleston to ask Tour De France winner Sir Bradley Wiggins for his comments, but a spokesperson said he was away at a Judy Garland tribute weekend.

Angry Woman Cuts Off Man’s Penis for Not Making Eye Contact During Sex

A woman in Longridge, has been arrested after she cut off her partner’s penis in a fit of fury. Shania Dewhurst, 34, told Lancs Police that she was sick of the man refusing to make eye contact with her during sex. The man who has been named locally as Bruce Tinker is currently in intensive care at Preston Hospital

British police unveil first cyber dogs which can 'sniff out' paedophiles

The first FBI-trained cyber dogs have been successfully used by British police to help bring paedophiles to justice.

Police are using the detection dogs to track down illegal images on computer software in the homes of suspected sex offenders.

The dogs are specially trained to sniff out images hidden on hard drives and other electronic storage devices that could contain damning digital evidence, such as indecent images of children or terrorism material.

Lancashire Police successfully used them this week during a raid.

Saville the 18-month-old Labrador, was able to track down a number xxx images on a flash drive which are now being forensically examined.


Boy, 7, SUSPENDED from school after taking ‘racist’ UM BONGO in his lunchbox

A seven-year-old boy has been suspended from his primary school in Broughton for a whole week after parents complained about a ‘racist’ juice drink that he had taken to school in his lunch box. His mum Kerry Gold said: ‘I received a phone call and was told that I had to collect Lewis immediately, and when I arrived they informed me that the school has a zero-tolerance policy towards hateful speech and racist motives.’

‘They shouldn’t sell Um Bongo in Tesco if there is a chance that it can lead to the incitement of racial hatred.’
‘To make matters worse, one of the older pupils typed the phrase ‘Um Bongo’ into YouTube and ten minutes later fifty children were dancing around a classroom singing ‘Um Bongo, Um Bongo, they drink it in the Congo.’

Police seize incestuous PRESTON Valentine’s Day cards

By Jeff Ray, Crime Correspondent

Police have seized a huge consignment of vile Valentine’s Day cards designed specifically for the incestuous Preston market.

The wording on the cards for loving couples clearly supported illegal family member relationships in the City.
While it is widely known that such behaviour is rife in Preston, authorities there prefer to sweep it under the carpet.

But when Lancs Police got wind that the cards were being made in Deepdale, they decided to take action and carried out a dawn raid.

Sexual crimes officers were horrified when they burst in to Preston Bumpkin Greetings Ltd, where the wording on 4,000 recently printed Valentine’s Day cards clearly broke the law.

One card said: “Happy Valentine’s Day to the most gorgeous, amazing, brilliant, wonderful sexy uncle I could ever wish for xxx.”

Another read: “To my sexy sister. Thinking of you on this special day x.”

An investigation has revealed many abandoned speedboats outside homes of Bullseye winners

This one on Barry Avenue Ingol has been here for the last 16 years, joint owners Jeff Tarmac and John Stone fell out over who would have the boat. In the end they both lost interest and the boat remains on the street


Have you survived so far
After been trapped in doors for days I managed to get out for bread and milk. Please share your experiences and photos.
Here are some I took during the blizzard

RESIDENTS’ FURY as council wastes £25,000 on ‘pointless’ signs

Residents in Broughton have BLASTED their local council after it was revealed that £25,000 has been spent on a sign specifically to let people know that that the sign itself isn’t currently in use.
Cllr Jeff Cod said: ‘This is a very unfortunate situation.’
‘The costs have only skyrocketed because of the feasibility study and the risk assessments that were carried out last year.’
It has now been revealed the council have decided to change the sign to one that says 20 MPH, the cost of this is not yet known

As if Booths in Fulwood isn't scary enough without bumping in to these two today

Is there much snow where you are, it's pretty bad here in Fulwood the snow ploughs are out

Saw this little fella on Haslam Park yesterday, Guess what he's called?

Teenager Arrested For Selling Lettuce to Desperate Vegans in Preston

A 19 year old from Blackburn was arrested last night after being caught green fingered selling salad to what the police described as ‘desperate individuals’ on a street corner in Preston.
Preston’s large vegan population combined with the recent shortage of salad as a result of poor weather on the continent, has driven individuals to seek alternatives ways of getting their vegetable fix. Sgt Jeff Sole of Lancs Police said, ‘This is becoming a big problem now. We believe a large amount of salad has been smuggled into the country from South America. The problem is that this stuff is not normal salad it is super strength stuff that has been grown specifically to get vunerable salad lovers hooked. We advise anyone who is offered any sort of veg to decline and to contact the Police immediately’.

RPH to end NHS bed shortage by installing bunk beds

A recent Royal Preston Hospital initiative has been announced to replace traditional hospital beds with bunk beds. This scheme was recently trialled on several wards at the hospital with Health Secretary Jeremy *unt hailing it as a “success”.
Hospital Boss Jeff Carp, Bsc, Bed, said we trialled the bunk beds and we are delighted with the results, we will be introducing them to almost all the wards
Some medical professionals have raised concerns about the wider impact of this policy Dr Chris Jones said “There will be riots as patients start to fight for who gets the top bunk”.

ASDA sparks controversy after creating ‘women only’ car parking spaces

Asda has sparked controversy after the launching of ‘women only’ car parking this week.
The priority spots have pink high-heeled shoes painted on the concrete surface to show they are intended only for female drivers. As well as being ‘only for women’, the spaces are larger than normal.
This is because women apparently need more space to get in and out, as well as extra space for loading and unloading.


Workers building the new Ikea store in Cuerden Park have been sent home. The Multi £Million project stopped suddenly on 1/2/2018 after site foreman Jeff Trout lost a 12mm allen key. A replacement will arrive next week


Thanks to everyone for voting we had around 7000 votes for Jeff Haha FFS Jeff Hahaha. Jeff it is then


Our very own baby whale is doing very well, whale experts from the Blue Planet are now feeding her.
Any ideas what to call her yet

Dwarf Handed Crayons at Restaurant

A 3ft 7in dwarf took his fiancee to a restaurant for a romantic meal – and was handed a children’s colouring book and crayons by the waitress when he sat down.

James Litllelegs, 26, was on a date with his 5ft 7in fiancee, Chloe Rubber, 20, in their native Preston when the waitress picked up two menus… and brought over the crayons and a colouring book.

The waitress realised she had made a crucial error when James said, ‘Thank you,’ in a deep, adult voice.

James and his fiancee were good-humoured about the incident – saying it was the highlight of the night.

The couple have been laughing about it ever since. The Owner at The Italian Orchard apologized to the couple and offered James a free kids meal as compensation



Brother and sister who had sex in Preston Car Park spared jail

Richard Finney, 21, and his younger sister Kirsty, 18, were caught having intercourse at The market Car Park in Preston on June 27 last year. The court also heard that Ms Finney, who arrived today with a pink shawl over her head, had been under the influence of alcohol and "possibly other substances" when she had sex with her brother.She wore a bright purple Adidas tracksuit as she sat quietly in the dock. They were  given a probation order for one year and will receive counselling regarding mental health, substance abuse and employment.


AUSTRIAN NAZI MIDGET BAND WILL PLAY THE MAD FERRET Austrian band The Little Hitlers, have been booked to perform at the Mad Ferret in Preston. The band were turned away from X Factor auditions when Simon Cowbell refused to let them sing. Band leader Otto Zimmer told "us we are very big in Austria, Germany and Poland but we have never played in th UK"


Booths have sold their Fulwood store to Lidl for an undisclosed sum. The news comes shortly after rumours that Booths were looking to sell the 180 year old business. The Cafe has been sold to Harry Ramsdens.
Are you a Booths customer ? will you shop at Lidl


The new wheelchair ramp at the Guild Hall may be the fastest in the world, designed by top boffins at LCC the £90,000 ramp will be ready in time for christmas.
MONEY WELL SPENT ? Have your say

Preston Web Designer released

Web Designer Ian McDonald has been released by police after they raided his office and seized his computers, after an extensive search they dropped all charges and confirmed all they had found was 1000's of PDF File images.


Pigeon fancier Bertiz Trunchenn has been breeding and racing pigeons since he came to Preston in 1978, Bertiz originally from Latvia fell in love with Preston when he dicovered Pubs, Pies and Pigeons, He has bred many champions but now he has fallen in love and is the first man ever to get enganged to a bird (feathered) Belinda a prize winning racer now wears his ring and lives in his house in Lostock Hall, the pair are inseparable


A Gritter lorry has overturned in Hoghton. The driver got out with no injuries. some roads have now been closed and there will be no gritting in the Walton le Dale, Hoghton and Samlesbury areas.
If you know anyone going that way please let them know


Heavy snow is expected to hit most of Lancashire this weekend starting this afternoon. Preston Council have announced they are fully prepared and appropiate action has been taken.



Annual Santa Conference Turns into Huge Fight

The event at Preston Grasshoppers Rugby Club started out well, Santas everywhere laughing drinking. Later on, an arguement broke out and fighting started, Preston Police were called and several riot vans attended. A total of 17 Santas were arrested and some needed Hospital treatment
were you there what did you see?

Can you tell who is in the car?

Just seen this guy, I think he may be going home for Christmas


Preston Council officials have told Alice Bagshot she must get rid of her horse. The mother of 8 bought the horse with her benefits of £26,000 a year, Her kids Chantelle, Jordan. Emily. Stacey. Danielle. Mercedes, Shannon, Mckenzie & Nicole all share a bedroom and the horse lives in the kitchen of their Ribbleton Council house

Woman ran illegal dentist practice from Preston Takeaway

Tranvestite Lynda Collins real name Norris Cobham had never received any dental training and was not a member of any professional body. She ran her business from a closed down takeaway in Prestons City Centre. She was found guilty of practicing illegal dentistry.Preston Magistrates Court heard how the takeaway doubled up as the premises for Central Dental Laboratory which Collins advertised online and with leaflet drops around town



Just seen this woman in Asda Fulwood


The British government has given the green light to allowing a closed-road race in Preston. The event will take place next summer and will be held on the newly built Broughton Bypass. Organisers say the bypass will close for the two day event and it's a great opportunity to promote Preston bringing large crowds to the city.
There will be car racing as well as motorcycle and side car races.
Local heroes Carl Foggerty and John Mcguiness have already agreed to take part


Elvis impersonator George Tomlinson kidnapped his rival Aaron Doncaster and locked him in the attic of his Fulwood home. The 2 Elvises were due to audition for Legends at The Sands in Blackpool, Tomlinson decided to kidnapp Doncaster and hopefully get the job. Tomlinson did not get the job and took out his anger on Doncaster a professional Elvis for 15 years. He kept him in the attic for 3 months until Doncaster managed to break out in to the street still wearing hi Elvis Costume. Tomlinson got 6 months in Prison

have you started yet

Police Car Targeted By Thieves

Preston Police were left stunned last night at Asda car park when their Police car was targeted by the infamous Preston Alloy Wheel Thief.

The brave thief targeted the BMW Cop car while the cops went to McDonalds
By 8.30pm the expensive alloys were on Preston Buy and Sell for £80.


Dozens of UGGS have been taken off the streets of Preston during a two-week long amnesty.

Preston Police have been showing off the haul of footwear

223 Pairs of UGGs were handed in and destroyed

Superintendent Julian Prius said: “The campaign has shown significant success with members of the public keen to use this opportunity to hand in these horrors and work with us to help keep our county classy

“Not all of the boots handed in were genuine UGGs but in the wrong hands just as horrid.”




HALALDI discount supermarkets to open after Asian population boom in Lancashire

A forward-thinking businessman from Preston has been given the go-ahead to open 25 discount Halal supermarkets across Lancashire that will serve the Muslim community.

37-year-old Ahmed Basmati came up with the HALALDI brand idea in 2015 after realising how expensive halal meat and other food items had become – his stores will be located across Lancashire and a flagship store due to open on Eastway in Fulwood in Jan 2018
Speaking to The City Of Preston Online, Mr Basmati explained that his stores will serve both the Asian and wider communities who are looking for reasonably-priced Halal meat.


Seven people have been arrested after an investigation into human trafficking that spanned four counties. Preston police raided The Royal Preston Hospital and found around 800 nurses most of them Brititsh, working in terrible Victorian conditions, without dinner breaks, long hours and next to no pay. The ring leaders Theresa May and Jeremy Hunt are still at large


A driver for Preston Bus Ltd has been suspended pending an investigation, after he was heard bragging he was the man responsible for the notorious Preston Bus Complaints Facebook page. The page, a spoof of Preston bus , claimed they were running a Pokemon bus, which went viral and made 1000s flock to the bus station They also claimed to have A Funny Bus and a Dogging Bus and many other posts

Missing sex offender has links to Lancashire towns

Police have released a photofit of a sex offender wanted on recall to prison
Billy Purvis went missing from an address in Chorley on Saturday, breaching his licence conditions. The 35-year-old was convicted of three sex assaults in Manchester in 2007, 2011 and 2016. Cunningham has links to Preston, Lancaster and Blackpool and was seen on CCTV at a shop in the Chadderton area of Greater Manchester yesterday. Anyone with information about his whereabouts is urged to contact police immediately. Det Sgt Steve McNipple, of Lancashire Police, said: “Purvis has been wanted for several days now and is in breach of his licence requirements.



Honey G snubbed Preston and turned down the offer of switchting on the christmas lights, her manager said we want £5000 for the gig, Honey doesn't come cheap. It has been revealed by LCC the original offer was £40

Lancashire Constabulary Have Announced A Crack Down on Pyjama Tramps or Slummy Mummies.

The Epidemic has got out of hand with some mothers not only taking their kids to schools but also picking them up wearing their pyjanas. Pc Davies said " I spoke to one mum about her inappropriate dress but she ignored me and ran off saying sorry I'm in a rush. Jeremy Kyle is on in a minute" . Preston Hospital Sister Angie Mcdougal said " you know things are bad when you can't tell the difference between patients and visitors" on one occasion a visitor wearing pyjamas tried to leave the ward and had to be restrained by security staff fearing she was a patient.
Are You A Slummy Mummy what are you views


Police have released a photofit of a man thought to be the armed robbber in Preston, he is described as 5'9 with a Liverpool accent, he is armed and dangerous do not approach, please share this photo and help catch him


The Job Center + app will allow the unemployed to search for jobs, get job offers and also allow the Goverment to check how long you search for jobs per day, it will also log what else you do on your phone ( don't spend 8 hrs on Pokemon Go and still expect do get benefits). The app will also track your wherabouts and will need to be signed by bosses when you attend an interview. The app will be compulsary and anyone not using it will have Job seekers allowance suspended immediately

New Callon Estate Mother & Baby Group.

A New Mother and baby center has opened in Prestons Callon Estate the center provides somewhere to go to meet new friends and a place for your child to play with other children. It allows you to spend quality time with your child and support their development and to also access information about other services.


Genius Cons at HMP Preston Prison have been rumbled after homing pigeons kept by the prisoners were found in possession of class A Drugs.

The Tom Finney Pigeon Homing Society was founded in 2009 when prison bosses agreed to the prisoners keeping pigeons as part of rehabilitation therapy.

However drugs lords within the jail quickly spotted an opportunity to dupe prison bosses and orchestrate an elaborate Pigeon Smuggling Ring!

The elite racing pigeons were bringing in about £7k worth of class A drugs a week to the Preston Jail.

It is thought the pigeons were flying to a loft in near by Deepdale Rd where local Pigeon fanciers were packing as much class A's into mini Rucksacks that attached to the birds backs.

Bosses only discovered the smuggling operation after one of the bags burst mid flight over the staff car park, covering the governors car drugs.
Police say they have made several arrests and seized a large quantity of class A drugs



Do you know who this is? she has been spotted several times around Preston, weather her son is walking or cycling he always has a dog collar and lead

Things are getting serious at Royal Preston Hospital. A&E waiting time is currently 2 1/2 days.

Patients with life threatening conditions are been advised to make their way to Blackpool or Manchester
74 year old Mrs Dunning was left in an Ambulance for nearly 2 days this week. Ambulance staff accommodated visiting time by taking Mrs Dunning and stopping outside her house in West Park Avenue 'It's like a home from home this Transit!' Commented Mrs dunning

The Lancashire Ambulance Service Spokeswoman is blaming Theresa May for the A & E crisis!

A Preston man who tried to have sex with a motorbike in the middle of a busy city centre has been spared jail.

Kevin Chapman had downed two litres of cider and taken a cocktail of tablets before pushing over the Suzuki 600cc, performing a solo sex act and then grinding it.
The 34-year-old had been arguing with a group of homeless people before he punched, kicked, stamped and then urinated on the bike, that didn’t belong to him.
He then pulled down his trousers and started the performing sexual moves on top of the bike.
He initially denied exposing his genitals and grinding the motorbike on March 27, claiming he was pushed by the homeless people he was arguing with near Preston Bus Sation
But he was filmed by a number of people as he removed his penis and started shouting abuse.
Preston Magistrates Court heard on Wednesday the dad-of-three then pulled off the wing mirror and used it to hit a passing Bus, Bus driver John Masterson said "he was going absolutely mental hitting the bus window while his pants were still around his ankles"
Neil Sweeney prosecuting said when Chapman was shown CCTV he accepted it was him and when shown the footage of him simulating sex’ appeared ashamed’.
Before the incident, Chapman had made threatening calls in an ‘Indian’ accent to his former business partner, Russell Souter, who had begun a relationship with his ex Stacey Holt.
The court heard how he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital in Manchester, before being released on the day he committed the sex act with a bike.
At earlier hearings, Chapman admitted indecent exposure and causing criminal damage of around £950 to the bike as well as two further criminal damage charges and a malicious communication offence.
Chapman, Waterloo Rd Ashton, was handed a four-month jail sentence, suspended for 12 months and ordered to pay £1979 compensation divided between two of the victims.
He was also ordered to complete a 12-month community order for alcohol treatment.
David Gardner, chair of the bench, said: ‘You are obviously and totally embarrassed by everything that has happened.’



Gemma Calderbank was turned away from The Roper Hall last night after refusing to remove her Halloween mask before coming in. The mother of four from Holme Slack said " F*^ck Off Im not wearing an effing mask" Jimmy Boyle head of security then got into a scuffle with Miss Calderbank and tried to force the mask off her face, a friend of Gemma's then appeared screaming " effing leave her alone shes not wearing a f**cking mask she doesn't even like Halloween" police attended the scene and Miss Calderbank left with her friends and went to Evoque where she fitted in perfectly. A spokesman for The Roper Hall said the bouncer was a bit shaken but managed to carry on with his shift


We are hearing some great reviews of the newly revamped nightclub, on the 24th oct some of our friends visited and ended up partying the night away with The Chuckle. Brothers.. WOW

Well here it is our Preston Nativity Scene is ready



An old lady has been seen around Preston today wearing Knuckle Dusters. She has punched 4 men so far, all needing hospital treatment
if you see her please be careful


A know all student from Surrey was treated to some Preston hospitality after a heavy night out. After drinking way too much and insulting his friends he passed out, so they got pay back and tucked him in to the pub urinal where he woke up the following day.


Preston police arrested a man for stealing a wide screen TV, he was caught after police thought they recognized him on CCCTV running with the tv down Fishergate. After 2 hours in custody Jaime tunstall was released when police realized the footage was Jaime who is a dwarf and was running with his laptop.

Robert Mugabe has left Zimbabwe and will appear in I'm a celebrity get me out of here. The news comes as the Zimbabwean army extradited him to Austrailia


A Preston Internet wizz has developed a new App that will tell you if a beggar is a genuine homeless person or just a scamming thief. It is estimated Prestonians give away £30,000 per year to fake beggars with a huge increase in begging leading up to Christmas. Harry Clifton 39 from Preston says his new App will be linked to the official homeless database and using face recognition technology you will be able to scan a tramps face and know if you should give him/her a fiver or a kick in the nuts, The App is free to use but will cost homeless people £3.26 per month to be listed

A Man has died after being overcome by smell of scented soaps in Lush

A 32 year old man from Chorley has died after being overcome by the combined smell of 74 different scented soaps the Preston branch of Lush.
The emergency services were called to the store at The Fishergate Centre on saturday afternoon – they were responding to reports that a male was unconscious.

A witness said: ‘I was standing with my girlfriend and we were discussing whether or not we should try a blended buttock balm containing sandalwood and moose snot, when suddenly we noticed a young man who was looking very uneasy on his feet.’

‘He was standing in the exact centre of the store, which would have meant that he was exposed to the widest possible range of odours at the same time.’
A few moments later, he was lying on the floor and everyone was rushing around him while fanning his face with natural sea sponges

‘The manager called 999, but by the time help arrived it was clear that there was nothing they could do for him.’

‘It didn’t help that the first responders had to spend fifteen minutes putting on breathing apparatus for health and safety reasons.
The City Of Preston advises all men to wait outside while women go into these shops, the amount of time they spend in there is too long for any male to survive the ordeal


A popular superstore has agreed to remove cushions from their stores as trading standards marked them as offensive. They had been selling them for the last two months before someone complained about the pattern
Have you bought some of these ?
— at The Range.


The City Of Preston has recruited 10 specialist officers to help our police deal with drugs, gangs and prostiotution in our City, they will also look at corruption within the LCC. The Officers will get to work on monday 20th, they say they will hit hard and fast to clean up the Cities problem areas

                                                                                  WOW THAT SHOULD KEEP THEM OUT 

Posties Locked Out

Postal workers Preston have been locked out of their Christian Rd depot after the boss lost his keys.
Unfortunately No Postal Deliveries were made today as posties had to be sent home. A1 locksmiths were called out and have now sorted the issue
Royal Mail apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Many snobby shoppers would like to try Lidl instead of M&S or Waitrose – but can not cope with the thought of rubbing shoulders with the thick working class. LIDL supermarket bosses will allow only yummy mummies or men called Jeremy through the doors on saturdays. One snobby C**T from Broughton said “Lidl is supposed to be very good value for money, with some real quality, which is surprising because poor people don’t appreciate nice things, apart from fags and booze

Free Preston to Manchester Christmas Markets bus service launched

Shoppers wanting a Christmas Markets trip can use a dedicated FREE bus service from the city.

Stagecoach has begun operating the X61 which has a few calling points to get you to the markets outside the Town Hall in Albert Square – and stretching across ten other streets and squares in the heart of Manchester with more than 300 stalls.

Running on Saturdays only the service leaves Preston Bus Station at 8am and 9am on Saturdays until Saturday 16 December.

It drops you off at Manchester’s Edwardian Hotel, where it waits until 4.30pm (both services) to take you back to Preston.
The service is completely free and funded by Manchester council, there is limited availabilty so please book early



The new Dental practice will open on monday and will specialise in traditional and drug free dentistry

                                                                      I am getting very worried, is somebody cloning grandads in Preston



The award-winning Checco's in Garstang Road have shut its doors leaving staff without wages. One member of staff contacted ust to say they had been given little warning of the closure. Two nearby businesses said the popular eatery seems to have been closed since last week.
We contacted the owners in Gt Harwood and was told they had sold the restaurant and would not comment further, a few minutes later owner Mario Pinchito de Pollo said we were made an offer we couldn't refuse. We can now confirm KFC have now bought the business and will be opening in december


PNE and LCC have announced the Tom Finney statue will be given a new home to make way for a bigger car park at North Ends grounds, the statue will be erected at the roundabout between Brockholes Brow and Blackpool RD. Council leaders have approved the move and say the new position will remind people they are coming in to Preston when they see the legendary Tom Finney Statue

Spotted at the weekend — at Primark.


He is wanted in connection with several failed robberies in the Preston area. He was last seen in the Kingsfold area of Penworthan.


                                                                                                   Get yours while stocks last


Anne Marie Heaton is suing GymWorks in Fulwood for her humiliating first day at the newly opened Gym. Anne Marie signed up online taking up their offer of £19.95 per month. When she arrived at the gym she got nervous and took a deep breath and run up to the turnstile at the entrance, to her horror she couldn't fit in and got stuck. Gym Manager Alex tried to free her but had no luck, by this time everybody in the gym had come to see what was going on. The Gym handyman was called out and dismantled the turnstile freeing Anne Marie to a round of applause, she now wants Gymworks to refund her joining fee and pay compensation for her ordeal


Jamie Lister of Barnacre close had been drinking at the Black Bull pub, during his walk back home he stopped at the playground and decided to climb on the huge coil, he lost his footing and fell into it, the more he struggled the deeper he went in. He was found by joggers at 7.30am on wednesday morning and the emergency services were called. The Fire Brigade arrived and cut the coil at both ends and rolled Jamie down the road and into a truck, they managed to release him an hour later. Jamie was cold and bruised but had no other injuries.



It has been reported that over 50 shopping trolleys were stolen from several supermarkets over the weekend. The trolleys were found abandoned all over Preston with their wheels missing. If you have any idea why this is happening or have any information please let us know or you can contact the police on 101


Reports say a white VW Golf was being chased along Schleswig Way by a posse of patrol cars
An eyewitness said: “It was pretty frightening stuff. The Golf must have been doing up to 100 mph and there were seven or eight police cars chasing it.” The driver of the Golf finally stopped in Eccleston, Mrs Edna Lewis 79 said she did not realise she had been speeding and she was on her way to get some for some fish and chips for her poorly husband


You may be a seasoned runner - but we doubt you've ever tackled a challenge like this before.
In just over two months' time, Nudefest 5k run will be coming to Preston for the first time. The course has not been confirmed yet but is likely to be around Prestons City centre

If you're interested in taking part you will have to purchase a day pass for november 26th These cost £15 for members of British Naturism or the International Naturist Federation or £20 for non-members.
All participants must present photo ID and a 'fitness to run' form upon entry. Please note the run is adults only .

Woman crashed motorhome using cruise control while making cup of tea

A woman crashed her new luxury motorhome at 40mph after putting on the cruise control and getting up to make a cup of tea, a court heard today.
Maria Antonia Smith had spent £45,000 on the second-hand van and was driving it for the first time when the accident happened.
Preston magistrates heard how MrsSmith, 62, of Cadley Causeway Fulwood had spent her life savings on the four-year-old, four-berth vehicle.
But two days later it was written off when it veered out of control and hit a tree on A6 nr Forton
Pleading guilty to careless and reckless driving, Mrs Smith, a retired shoe maker, stunned magistrates by saying she had been confused by what cruise control actually meant.
I thought it was like an autopilot that you get on airplanes,” she said.
I turned it on at what I thought was a sensible 40mph, then stepped away from the driver seat into the back of the motorhome to make a cup of tea.
“I presumed that cruise control worked with the sat nav to negotiate the roads safely. Imagine my surprise when, no sooner had I flicked the switch on the kettle that we hit a tree at 40mph. Luckily I was unhurt because I was thrown on to the sofa.
Mrs Smith recieved a 2 year driving ban and £1000 fine


A driver who crashed into the Fishergate Plinth was seen eating a pie when he crashed, one passerby said I heard the car speed up and then bang, I ran across and asked if he was ok, when he got out of the car and shouted "me pie FFS I dropped me effing pie", Bill Pickles from Wigan was later cautioned by Preston Police


House owners at a new housing estate in Fulwood are demanding a name change to their new street, the new residents paid between £284,950 - £339,950 for their new houses and moved in before the signs had been fitted. Wainhomes have refused to comment


A prosthetic leg was found outside the Withy Trees pub on Lytham Rd Fulwood on saturday night, nobody has claimed it and the landlord is appealing for help to try and find it's owner. Do you know someone who is walking a bit funny
Please share and see if we can find this LEGend


About 300 people will attend a protest meeting over plans for a sex shop at the fromer BHS store on Fishergate Preston.
The company Joan Amore Trading as PULSE wants to convert the former BHS store into one of a network of 12 "sexy superstores".

It says it will transform the empty site into huge retail store with cinema and restaurant employing up to fifty people.

Protesters are opposing a licensing application to LCC.

A meeting was held at Prestons College on monday night.

Protesters said a sex shop would degrade the character of Fishergate because local people would no longer be comfortable using this area.

Allan and Pauline Bamford, who live nearby, said: "There are five businesses listed as 'sex shops' in Preston there is no need for any more.There is also an Ann Summers shop

A spokeswoman for Pulse and said: "Our target customers are couples and our stores are specially designed to create a modern, spacious and female friendly atmosphere for couples to shop together.

"We have actually already been contacted by a few people asking when they can apply for a job."
The Protest is planned for this saturday 11am outside the BHS store
what are your views

Cyclists are in uproar at plans to build speed bumps on The Guild Wheel and Prestons parks

LCC revealed plans to build speed bumps on stretches of The guild Wheel which are popular with cyclists, dog walkers and families.
The plans unveiled by LCC in a bid to reduce cycling speeds to 5mph have sparked a row among bikers and pedestrians.
The plans come after new statistics showed 1,200 cyclists use the wheel every week
One cyclist was clocked riding at 32mph – faster than the speed limit for cars in built up areas
Families have backed the work, due to begin on March 13, amid fears for the safety of children and dogs,
Wafa Saud, 37, who often visits the area with her four-year-old son, said she was pleased measures were being taken to slow down “dangerous” cyclists.
She said: “It does worry me when children are around that there will be an accident.
“People do go to fast and it is scary. An accident could happen so easily.”
A spokesman for LCC said for everyone’s sake we want to encourage cyclists to adjust their behaviour when moving from busy roads to peaceful paths, and similarly pedestrians need to be aware there are a whole variety of other users they have to watch out for.



Part of the new Broughton Bypass has been closed after a large sinkhole appeared early this morning, the hole is reported to have doubled in size during the last hour and is now filling up with water.
Please avoid the area as it is causing a lot of traffic chaos around Preston


Police have released CCTV footage of a man who stole a 70lb lump of donner from Zagros takeaway on Friargate last night. He ordered a large kebab and then complained it wasn't big enough, after a short arguement the man ran in the back and legged it with a full donner, he was last seen running past the Adelphi while drunk students watched in amazement

Do you know who it could be?

Preston Bus Driver Arrested

A Preston Bus driver has been arrested, after he sold the bus he was driving to an Arab millionaire visiting the City. It is reported Mr Yusef Islam bought the bus for £14000 and was hoping to ship it to Dubai were he would turn it into a travelling restaurant. The bus driver claimed it was his own bus and is now awaiting trial


Do You like dressing up and scaring people?
As part of the UCLAN Halloween Festival we are looking for a team of 50 Killer Clowns to scare the peoplle around the city centre

The Killer Clowns ߤ? will be expected to hide and then jump out on Halloween Party goers, visit pubs etc, costumes and PRO makeup will be provided, you will also be transported to different areas of preston

No experience is needed as full training is given.

As a living wage employer the position will pay £10 per hour cash in hand.
If you are interested please like and share this post and let us why you would be good for the job


Bobby - a new piece of public art - has made his appearance as the centrepiece of the roundabout at Longmeanygate. It has been installed by South Ribble Council to celebrate Leyland’s heritage and welcome visitors to the town.
The 15ft horse was constructed by inmates at Wymott Prison and took two years to complete at a cost of £2.5 million.
The official unveiling will be at the beginning of November


One of our followers sent us this photo taken outside a betting shop in Preston, she told us the pram was left unattended for over an hour, many people put loose change in the pram and when the mother came out she counted it and went back in to the bookies


Postman Neil Trinckleston got a bizarre tattoo on his chest which makes him look like he has a giant head with a tiny body which is driving a steering wheel.
When he flexes his muscles his unique ‘interactive’ inking moves with him, as if he is manoeuvring his own body with the tattoo’d controls. Neil from Henderson St Preston said he wanted a tattoo like no other, and I thought it was awesome but unfortunately my girlfriend went mental and walked out on me the day I had it done " I am starting to regret it already.


 Classy Bird Contest

Evoque in Fishergate Preston holding its annual "classy bird" contest got off to a mental start on Friday 21 Oct after Bianca and Sigourney, both mothers of seven, got into a no holds barred bitch fight over Wayne, a 22 year old Nike tracksuit wearing,Vauxhall Astra driving, absolute tosspot, cocaine dealer from Gamull Lane.
Wayne, who wears a fake Rolex, can barely put a sentence together and is one faulty brake light away from doing a 4 stretch said “tell you Bruv, dem bitches went strong, I been on dese roads since I was a younger and it was jokes how dey went at it fam”
A translator from Preston councils Jamaican mild-slang department was not available to explain what the fuck the jumped up little gutter rat was saying, so we are none the wiser.
Both women were treated at the scene for loss of hair extensions, false eyelashes and Bianca was treated for shock after losing the badge off her Michael Kors bag.
The City Of Preston has learnt that the two women have been charged with possession of offensive make-up and wearing ludicrous platforms with intent to endanger life.
The competition moves to SWITCH ( Squires )next Friday night and promises to be even more classier


Baldy angry pink faced Phil Mitchell has agreed to switch on Prestons Christmas lights. The news comes after negotiations with Honey G broke down, Honey G was offered £40 for the gig, her management refused and now we have Steve McFadden from eastenders (once done for dogging) doing the job,


The Problems of ‘dogging and prostitution’ at Cuerden Valley Park have resurfaced. Car park gate closures and police patrols are said to have tailed off, opening the way again for the sex sessions – often between men in broad daylight. The cameras will be set up around the park with 24hr HD monitoring. The footage will be used to prosecute the prostitutes and the best footage will be posted on a new site where you will be able to see if you recognise anybody and report them to the authorities,
Have you witnessed any funny business at Cuerden Park


The Subway fron St Johns Shopping Center to Preston Bus Station is due to be filled in. Preston Council would like your help on Friday 20th and are appealing for Prestonians to bring their hosehold waste products to the area instead of the local tip. You can also bring your own private time capsule.
The City Of Preston

Hurricane Orphilia continues to batter the North West.

Orphilia has been raging throughout the NW causing severe damage, with roofs been ripped off and trees falling. One casualty Ben Ayres of Deepdale told us how his baseball cap blew off and couldn't catch it, his hat came to rest in a tree, he is now appealing for help to get it back


The rise in gay and lesbian police officers has prompted Preston police to issue Gay patrol cars, The Rainbow cars will be equiped with a more gay sounding siren which sounds something like UHU UHU UHU the drivers will also wear a pink uniform and glitter truncheons


Primary school children from several Preston schools have visited the Harris Museum where the legendary il Mostru Del Rio is on display. The children were horrified and ran out screaming and crying with some of them needing counselling. These strange creatures used to live around the River Ribble in Roman times and this one was caught by a Centurion near Ribchester and later sent to Rome. It has been in The Vatican for 2000 years and will be at the Harris Museum until October


The new Greggs bakery on Sharoe Green Ln will be officially opened today by Paddy Mcguiness, he will be there for the grand opening at 12.00 and serving untill 3pm. He will be part of the five staff but the best bit is if you get served by Paddy your order will be FREE !



Congestion charges will be introduced to the city.
The Congestion Charge is £10.50 daily charge for driving a vehicle within the charging zone between 07:00 and 18:00, Monday to Friday. The easiest way to pay the charge is by registering for Congestion Charge Auto Pay. There are a range of exemptions and discounts available to certain vehicles and individuals.
There will also be a T-Charge
From 23 November 2017, cars, vans, minibuses, buses, coaches and heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) in Preston will need to meet minimum exhaust emission standards, or pay a daily £10 Emissions Surcharge (also known as the Toxicity Charge, or T-Charge). This will be in addition to the Congestion Charge.
We will bring you more news as soon as we have it

Jehovas witness have opened a new training centre in Preston. for more info see


Aldi Preston are now stocking The Little Dictator Costume ready for Halloween. The outfit comes complete with Rocket with Korean language launch countdown, The costume which costs £29.99 was banned in many countries however the EU has allowed the sale across Europe
— at Aldi UK.



He calls himself Adelle and is offering his services mainly around Fletcher rd St Mary's st, he has also been spotted in Fishergate where he asked a student if he wanted to go to McDonalds and then something else. IIf you know who he is please let us know, if you know someone who knows him please tag them
— at Fishergate Shopping Centre.

Spotted in Preston today


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). have issued a Flu vaccine warning. The current vaccine for 2017 "Quadrivalent" has been found to cause severe reactions to people who have had chickenpox as a teenager.The vaccine type 2 Avian Quadrivalent is a relative of Chickenpox, also known as varicella zoster virus (VZV). The symtoms results in a characteristic skin rash that forms small, itchy blisters, very bad breath and heavy sweating after eating known as Gustatory sweating, clucking and walking round in circles


Dean Francis Blend 24 claims to be Miley Cyrus's biggest fan, he has tavelled all over the world to see her and spends every penny on collecting photos magazines cd's dvd's anything to do with Miley, Dean says "I have spent over £20,000 so far", the unemployed father of 3 even has Miley Cyrus tattoos and is planning to cover his entire body in them


It has been reported that over 50 shopping trolleys were stolen from several supermarkets over the weekend. The trolleys were found abandoned all over Preston with their wheels missing. If you have any idea why this is happening or have any information please let us know or you can contact the police on 101


The ladies at The Lancashire WI in preston have been working hard knitting this Colossus, the knitted figure took six months to complete and has been named Donger,The WI is hoping to raise 1000s for charity by travelling around Lancashire and charging the public £1 to have their photo taken with Donger. There will also be a charity night held at The Lane Ends pub on 21 Nov where Donger will be auctioned off


72 year old Howard Lipton was looking after his grandson for the weekend whilst his parents were at work. His grandson Jensen 7 was telling him about Fidget spinners and how he wanted one. after describing the toy his grandad went off into his little workshop and came back with his homemade spinner, he said " there you go" and demonstrated his invention.
The spinner flew out of his hand hittng Jensen in the face and knocking him out, Jensen needed hospital treatment and had to stay overnight. The homemade Fidget Spinner consisted of a full tin of baked beans and some elastic. Mr Lipton of Inkerman St Preston refused to comment.


A Preston chef was sacked after he claimed he had worked in a French Restaurant and had been awarded two Michelin Stars. Staff became suspicious when chicken skewers were been sent back to the kitchen because they were raw in the middle.The Landlord at The Sumners Pub did some research and found his Head Chef Gerald Jobknockey 26 had actually worked at The Green Frog on the docks, he had no Michelin Stars although the van does have two Michelin Tyres.
He was replaced by Dave Bishop, we spoke to his Grandma who said " David has always been a fab cook he used to come home from work and say, I'll make tea", his speciality was ham sandwich which he served with some Quavers on the side and a bit of cress, sometimes there would be sawdust on the plate because he used to work at BG Fencing and was always covered in the stuff

A Preston University Scientist has found DNA mutation that causes the ginger gene.

 DR Khan said he took the DNA from a Latin man and used it to change the structure in The DNA of a Ginger baby, The baby boy was born on 1st aug 2017 at Preston Hospital and weighed 8.1lbs he has dark hair and brown eyes, his mum Belinda said "I can't thank Dr Khan enough, my husband and all his familly are ginger, I love him to bits but but I couldn't bare to have a ginger kid" . Dr Khan of Blackpool Rd said "I am thrilled this is such a breakthrough"

A "Stupid" gangster jailed after police found pics of him posing with shotgun. 

Josh Tickle, 24 of Kinsfold Penwortham a member of the notorious "Bastard Squad"was also linked to a major Manchester drugs conspiracy which involved the seizure of heroin and cocaine worth up to £118,308 at street level.
A phone belonging to a co-conspirator was also recovered containing a picture of shotguns, Remington handguns and an antique French pistol next to to “KYD” spelled out in bullet casings.
Police said he announced his every move on facebook and kept showing off his stash of weapons,so we copied everthing to a hard drive in case he suddenly grew some brain cells and deleted them, Camden was sentenced to 15 years

The M6 through Lancashire has reopened following a police chase in the early hours of Saturday morning.

A couple believed to be on their first date triggered a motorway speed camera in Cumbria travelling around 120mph, police said.
Lancashire Police officers picked up the pursuit and the vehicle left the southbound carriageway on an exit slip road around junctions 31 and 31A east of Preston.
The male driver performed a U-turn and returned to the motorway driving north on the southbound carriageway.
Motorway patrol vehicles were able to bring the car to a stop and the male driver left the vehicle and fled on foot. He was later arrested.
A police spokesperson said: "We prevented the vehicle from carrying on driving the wrong way into oncoming traffic. The southbound traffic was stopped north of Preston, the driver may have crossed the central reservation (in his attempts to run away)."
A female passenger, left in the vehicle, sustained back injuries and fire officers were required to cut off the roof so she could be released.
She was taken for hospital treatment by paramedics.
Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service said two crews from Preston and one from Fulwood were called to the M6 carriageway shortly after 3am on Saturday, July 29.
The motorway was reopened shortly after the vehicle had been cleared.
The police spokesperson added that it was believed the couple were on their first date, one they are "unlikely to forget".



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